Expert Preparatory Roundtable: Intergenerational Global Public Goods

Expert Preparatory Roundtable: Intergenerational Global Public Goods

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In the 21st century, future generations are an unevenly distributed, silent majority. More people are yet to be born this century (10.9 billion) than are currently living (7.7 billion) and they will predominantly be born in the global South and live in cities. Though the principle of intergenerational equity has deep roots in diverse cultural and religious traditions and is reflected in the Charter of the UN, few meaningful steps have been taken to account for the interests of future generations, while short-term calculations continue to dominate policymaking. As stated by the Secretary-General in Our Common Agenda: “Any renewal of the social contract must include a profound deepening of solidarity between generations” and he invited States and other stakeholders to “consider specific steps to account for the interests of future generations. 

The HLAB’s work on global public goods will be guided by this call by the Secretary-General and will aim to propose recommendations that deliver for present and future generations. The roundtable – organized in collaboration with the UN Foundation, the Stimson Center, and the UN Environment Programme – was guided by the following questions:  

  • How should the High-Level Advisory Board conceptualize duties to the future and intergenerational equity? What concepts and approaches are most likely to lead to viable recommendations?  
  • What proposals would help to deepen intergenerational solidarity and reflect the interests of future generations in multilateral cooperation, especially in fostering and preserving Global Public Goods?  
  • How can governance innovation on Global Public Goods advance political representation of future generations? What specific structures, institutions, or processes might be proposed by the High-Level Advisory Board?  
  • How can a future generations approach be taken across the key areas of the High-Level Advisory Board, such as health, climate, financial systems, digital issues, science, and peace?  

The event was chaired by Dr Adam Day (UNU-CPR) with co-moderators Bojan Francuz (Center for International Cooperation, New York University) and Harshani Dharmadasa (UN Foundation).

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2022-04-12 @ 09:00 AM to
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