Public Consultation

Over the past several months, the High-Level Advisory Board on Effective Multilateralism has held wide-ranging and inclusive consultations with experts, leaders, and practitioners. These discussions have allowed the Board to consider potential approaches and recommendations to issues of global concern identified in the Our Common Agenda report. Our work relies on the active support and strong engagement of a wide variety of constituents.

We have launched this public consultation to better facilitate communication and to ensure that stakeholders have a meaningful and direct opportunity to present recommendations to the Board. We welcome submissions from Member States, civil society, academia, policymakers, individuals and other interested parties that point to specific ways to address the most critical shortcomings in global governance today through more effective multilateral cooperation.

The Board is seeking original contributions that outline specific recommendations that address the following questions: What are the areas of global concern where governance improvements are most needed? What governance improvements could be achieved? How could the international community seek more equity, fairness, and effectiveness in multilateral decision-making? Please include these in a PDF document and limit your submission to ten pages. 

The consultation has now closed, as of 17 August 2022. The submissions are now being analysed and considered. If you wish to contact the Secretariat, please see the Contact Us page.