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The High-Level Advisory Board

In Our Common Agenda, the Secretary-General issued an ambitious call to improve international cooperation through effective multilateralism. A central objective of effective multilateralism is strengthening governance arrangements that can deliver global public goods, a critical issue of international concern. He announced the formation of a High-Level Advisory Board (HLAB) that will be tasked with developing an independent report in support of this objective. The report will reflect substantive research into effective multilateralism and global public goods and will contain concrete recommendations for the Secretary-General and Member States ahead of the 2023 Summit of the Future. HLAB is led by a former Head of State and a former Head of Government and composed of other leaders from civil society, the private sector, academia, and other relevant arenas.


Consult diverse global constituencies to obtain inputs for their final HLAB report in 2023.


Based on consultations and research, analyse finding for bold actions.


Develop and deliver a report to the Secretary-General on effective multilateralism.


Disseminate the HLAB report and findings ahead of and at the Summit of the Future.
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The Secretary-General’s report on Our Common Agenda, released in September 2021, calls for stronger governance of key issues of global concern. The report notably proposes a Summit of the Future in 2024 to advance ideas for governance arrangements in certain areas that could be considered global public goods or global commons, including climate and sustainable development beyond 2030.

The High-Level Advisory Board was established to build on the ideas in Our Common Agenda – including the centrality of women and girls, and the need to take into account the interests of young people and future generations – to make concrete suggestions for more effective multilateral arrangements across a range of key global issues. 

The Board aims to consult with a wide variety of stakeholders throughout 2022 and will report to the Secretary-General in early 2023. Their non-binding recommendations will inform deliberations by Member States at the proposed Summit of the Future.

Described in economic terms as vital resources that cannot be excluded or competed over, global public goods capture the bedrock issues of our collective survival: a sustainable environment, a stable global economy, healthy populations, and peaceful coexistence. What distinguishes these domains is that their protection is an increasingly urgent task that we can only undertake together.

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