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Meeting Global Challenges: International Cooperation in the National Interest

Authors: International Task Force on Global Public Goods
Source: Yale Center for the Study of Globalization
Year: 2006

This report explains the concept of global public goods using historical evidence; illustrates their importance by highlighting six priority global issues where their provision is critical; suggests broad strategies in those areas for more effectively providing the good in question; makes more specific recommendations for the kind of structural changes needed at national and international levels. This report concentrates on the specific challenges posed by the need for international cooperation. This does not negate a recognition that the national level is critical in the provision of global public goods. Indeed, the Task Force's report stresses the principle of subsidiarity—solving problems closest to where they occur. But the most enduring difficulties in providing global public goods are found at the international level, and it is at this level that we have been mandated to focus our analysis.

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