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A Global Public Goods Perspective on Environment and Poverty Reduction

Authors: Marcel Kok, Johan Brons, and Maria Witmer
Source: Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Year: 2011

Poverty reduction, environmental degradation, and the distribution of scarce natural resources are important issues for Dutch international cooperation. To address these issues, foreign policies require a coherent policy agenda for sustainable poverty reduction and for dealing with global environmental change, both within the Netherlands and internationally. In this paper, the authors explore the possible contribution of the global public good (GPG) perspective to the development of coherent Dutch policies for international cooperation on poverty reduction and the global environment. The authors specify why global public goods are of interest to the Netherlands for international cooperation, and what the policy choices are arising from taking a global public goods perspective on these issues. This paper, therefore, has the following objectives: (i) to suggest an analytical framework for identifying strategic choices and providing a coherent rationale for international policies on poverty reduction and the global environment, (ii) to identify and analyse relevant global public goods within this context, and (iii) to explore the position of the Netherlands and possible policy choices related to adopting a global public goods perspective to sustainable poverty reduction and the global environment.

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